Ways to make extra money when your not working?

Different Ways to Make Extra Money During your Downtime

Uncovering ways to make extra money while you’re not working is really the key to building a long term foundation for your future success. It’s human nature for us to desire the finer things in life and to be set free from financial hardships or worries about when the next big pay day will come. The problem is, like the headline suggest…

How can we possibly produce income when not working a traditional job on multiple fronts?

How can we capitalize on the many different ways to make extra money on the side while were  either asleep, at the gym, relaxing at home, spending quality time with family and loved ones or simply enjoying a beverage on a calm relaxing beach with friends? The answer to that question has steadily been a constant enigma in the forefront of my mind for the last 3-4 years plus, as I know it has also been for many other people aspiring to achieve more in life from all over the world. I’ve come to realize that for most people, developing ways to make extra money while working full time in corporate america can be a stressful challenge and not to mention mentally draining. The solution to this problem lies within the ability to effectively manage your free time while using your god given talents to unlock your creativity and innovative passions.

Now what does that mean…?

I recently have been obsessed with internet marketing concepts. How to grow my business as an online entrepreneur and expand even towards other offline entrepreneurial ventures, and recently ran across a popular tv show on ABC called shark tank and Dragons Den. This show features aspiring or established entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to pitch a panel of big time investors on why they should invest money into the growth of there new idea, invention or start up business. The show proved to be very addictive for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset and drive. Now , what I noticed was … Alot of people actually had some really good ideas and a lot of people has some really crappy ones and at the end of the day some people were able to get the capital to grow their business, expand and make money far beyond their wildest dreams and some people left with nothing but semi shattered dreams. The moral of this story is that regardless of the failure or success of these individuals, the fact of the matter is that they tried. They actually are or are working towards a path of accomplishing big things. These milestones can only be achieved by taking action and by utilizing their idle time wisely. Entrepreneurial accomplishments cannot become a reality by sitting on the sidelines watching others and going through the daily motions of everyday life wasting away precious time, unhappy with the factthat others have made it and you have not. The difference lies in the fact that those other people who are successful decided to get up, pursue a passion or a goal and actually do something about it! Plain and simple….

Simply words of wisdom and  food for thought. 

If you let that sink in for a second and really understand that if you use your god given innovative abilities and  time management in a more productive way towards achieving one goal, then anything is possible. Every entrepreneur started off with one dream and one focus. That dream and that passion, with the right attitude and the right concept can instantly take you to a place where only a fraction of the people in the world are able to go. So stay positive, keep dreaming and keep chasing your dreams. Making money is only a byproduct of taking dreams and passions and turning them into realities.

The big picture is… You dont need to figure out a bunch of different ways to make extra money from home or on the side. The truth of the matter is, all you need is one!

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